Foot Care Overview

Foot Care Overview

Below is an overview of what to expect during a typical nursing foot care visit.

Health Assessment

During the initial visit, a thorough health assessment is performed. The client's feet and nails are cleaned and the client is assessed for any issues involving gait, circulation, pain or pathology. A mono-filament and a tuning fork are used to assess for any loss of sensation in the feet. A client's ability to walk is inspected to determine if devices such as walkers or orthotics may be required.

Skin and Nail Filing

Thickened nails, are filed using a podiatric rotary instrument and podiatric burrs. Podiatric rotary instruments and podiatric burrs are specifically designed to be used with human skin and nails. The podiatric rotary tool is used to reduce corns, calluses, and smooth out nail edges. Foot files are used to reduce calluses and smooth out nails as well.

Nail Trimming

Nails are trimmed using sterile nippers. Nippers are much larger than scissors and they are capable of trimming a large portion of a nail at once. Ingrown nails can be removed as well.

Gentle Foot Massage

A foot massage is provided with lotion at the end of each foot care session. This is done to help promote circulation, and relaxation in the feet.


Many micro-organisms on a foot can be transmitted to instruments, equipment, and people. This could include bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, and more. Foot care instruments can come in contact with broken skin and because of this they are classified as critical by Health Canada. Critical instruments must be sterilized between each client. At Steve's Foot Care, all reusable items are sterilized in an autoclave. Sterilization with an autoclave ensures that all micro-organisms including spores are destroyed. Biological indicators are used to ensure items are sterile after each cycle.


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